At Hawthorns we believe healthy food options are essential. We provide a wide range of healthy balanced meals and snacks to cater for all dietary requirements. All our meals are freshly prepared by our highly qualified and extremely experienced chef.

Gail began working at Hawthorns in November 2017. She has over 30 years’ experience catering in the education and learning sector, Gail plans and prepares all meals on a 4 weekly rota for summer and winter and ensures that they promote a healthy and balanced diet.

During your child’s day we will provide breakfast which consists of cereal, a side of toast and milk,.a mid-morning snack then a Home cooked lunch followed by a dessert. Later an afternoon snack followed by a light tea..

Throughout meal times children are encouraged to self- serve and make healthy choices. Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

All meals for the children are prepared daily from fresh ingredients by our in-house Nursery Chef.

Our menus offer a wide variety of balanced and nutritious meals, catering for many allergies and dietary requirements.

Hawthorns ensures that great care is taken to present meals where the food is cut into small pieces enabling your child to eat enjoyably and safely. For these reasons, we have our own strict regulations regarding food shape i.e. we do not serve your child whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, large slices of apple or any other foods with potential to cause difficulty in swallowing.

Parents are asked to provide bottles with formula or breast milk for children who require them.

The nursery provides cow’s milk or other milk alternatives for children who are able to drink it.

Once your child is ready to be weaned onto solids, we will provide a meal that you feel comfortable with, e.g. pureed carrot. We then gradually progress with the diet i.e. adding different foods and move onto different textures when you and your child are ready. We liaise with parents on a regular basis regarding any changes.

Current Menu

  Winter 2020/21  
Week 1 Week 2
MONLunch – Corned Beef Hash   Pudding – Rice Pudding    
Tea – Beans on Toast  
Pudding – Cheese and Biscuits  
 MON  Lunch – Fishcakes, Potatoes & Veg  
Pudding – Fromage Frais     Tea – Chinese Chicken & Noodles  
Pudding – Banana Bread  
TUELunch – Chicken Curry & Rice with Poppadum’s & Dips   Pudding – Fromage Frais    
Tea – Macaroni Cheese  
Pudding – Chocolate Brownie  
 TUE  Lunch – Spaghetti Meatballs & Garlic Bread   Pudding – Jam Sponge & Custard    
Tea – Toasted Bagel with Toppings  
Pudding – Fromage Frais  
WED  Lunch – Toad in the Hole, Mash & Veg  
Pudding – Eton Mess    
Tea – Savoury Muffin  
Pudding – Fromage Frais  
 WED  Lunch – Moroccan Savoury Rice  
Pudding – Fromage Frais     Tea – Pasta in Sauce   Pudding – Homemade Ginger Biscuits  
THU  Lunch – Spaghetti Bolognese & Garlic Bread  
Pudding – Fromage Frais     Tea – Loaded Potato Skins   Pudding – Apple & Cinnamon Pudding  
 THU  Lunch – Sausage Casserole in a Tomato & Herb Sauce with Mash  
Pudding – Homemade Flapjack     Tea – Loaded Wedges   Pudding – Ice Cream  
FRI  Lunch – Breaded Fish, Chips and Veg  
Pudding – Homemade Biscuit     Tea – Tomato Soup   Pudding – Fruit  
 FRI  Lunch – Meat & Potato Pie with Veg  
Pudding – Fromage Frais     Tea – Mini Ploughman’s & Sandwiches  
Pudding – Fruit Muffin  
Week 3 Week 4
MON  Lunch – Quorn Nuggets, Homemade Wedges & Beans     Pudding – Iced Bun/Cake   Tea – Quiche    
Pudding – Fruit  
 MON  Lunch – Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice     Pudding – Fromage Frais  
Tea – Spring Rolls & Prawn Crackers    
Pudding – Gruffalo Crumble  
TUE  Lunch – Stew & Dumplings     Pudding – Bananas & Custard   Tea – Sausage Rolls     Pudding – Tray Bake   TUE  Lunch – Cottage Pie & Veg    
Pudding – Fruit Salad  
Tea – Pizza & Salad     Pudding – Fromage Frais  
WED  Lunch – Chicken Goujons     Pudding – Fromage Frais  
Tea – Pesto Pasta    
Pudding – Scotch Pancakes  
 WED  Lunch – Pasta Bake & Garlic Bread    
Pudding – Fromage Frais   Tea – Tortilla Wraps     Pudding – Fruit Sponge  
THU  Lunch – Chili & Rice     Pudding – Sticky Toffee Pudding  
Tea – Vegetable Soup     Pudding – Fromage Frais  
 THU  Lunch – Roast Dinner     Pudding – Cheese & Biscuits   Tea – Spaghetti Hoops     Pudding – Chocolate Mousse  
FRILunch – Sausage, Mash & Veg     Pudding – Fruit  
Tea – Ravioli    
Pudding – Fresh Milkshake & Homemade Biscuit  
 FRI  Lunch – Vegetable Fingers     Pudding – Chocolate & Guest Sponge Tea – Yorkshire Puddings & Veg    
Pudding – Fromage Frais