We have some amazing areas for the children to play in and explore. The children have multiple opportunities throughout the day to play outside, no matter the weather.

We have:

An artificial lawned area for Rainbow’s and Pre-school to share upstairs. This area can be adapted according to the children’s interests ad needs. We have lots of different resources to use.

A soft play surface play area for our little ones under 2. Lots of different things to explore with their senses and develop their motor skills.

A Garage role play area with its own car and petrol station !

A barked area full of lots of surprises and places to be imaginative for all ages. Places to dig and grow things, places where you can pretend you’re a pirate, places where plan and build amazing structures n the construction area, places to become a chef and create your own recipes in the mud kitchen.

Our outdoor areas are constantly evolving to provide new and exciting things that will inspire them. We are just about to create our own minibeast area with it’s own hotel and a small world area..

We have also over the summer we have begun to make use of the large car park during the day and the children have loved having the open space to play on the bikes and ride ons and play ball games and other large movement activities.