This room is designed for children up to when they are confident walkers, we offer care for up to 9 babies with three members of staff. This superb and tranquil room provides a warm and safe environment for even the tiniest of babies.

We work very closely with parents to help provide a positive routine, helping their baby to feel secure and happy within the nursing environment. To support communication between nursery and home life we keep a daily running record of your child’s care needs.

We offer a wide range of toys and activities specifically aiming towards developing children’s senses. We enjoy simple group activities such as singing and music play. They are often taken out for walks in the buggies and are wrapped up well if it is cold. We believe that our children should engage with the local environment as much as possible.

Sleep routines are tailored to match home routines as much as possible. We have a variety of equipment for sleeping and eating needs such as sleeping mats, travel cots, high and low chairs etc.

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